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Last Wild Lion

Music video for 'Drive'  by Last Wild Lion that yours truly shot and edited.

It is the lead single from the Scottish rock quintet's debut album 'They're Not Secrets Anymore', due out in August 2018.

The video premiered on Discovered Magazine's site in early August. Click here to see the original article. 

Words taken straight from the Lion's mouth: 

“At its core, Drive is about finding the strength within yourself to make good of a bad situation or experience. It’s about finding the courage to take the first steps into the next chapter of your life and leave the negative behind.” (Jamie Monteath, Last Wild Lion's guitarist)

Filmed on location in the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, and The MGA Academy of Performing Arts

(A coincidence that the video includes the couchant lion of Arthur's Seat ? Maybe aye, maybe naw.)

Last Wild Lion

Instagram: @lastwildlion

Twitter: @lastwildlion

Facebook: /lastwildlion


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