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I worked as the 1st Assistant Camera on Paul Duane and David Cairns' feature documentary Natan released in 2013 by the production company Screenworks. The film was a tremendous opportunity to see the inner workings of a full length project.


The film makers' synopsis:

'Natan tells a story of turn-of-the-century Paris, the dawn of cinema, and how one man’s extraordinary talents were turned against him, and his name blackened. A pioneer of cinema was imprisoned, defamed as a pornographer and eventually handed over to the Nazis. How did this happen? And why did it take seventy years to set the record straight?

What The Skinny thought:

For more info:


- Edinburgh International Film Festival – 2013

- Telluride, Colorado – 2013

- Jameson Dublin International Film Fest. – 2013

- IndieCork Festival – 2013

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